COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Updates

June, 2021

Summer at the nursery has come, and with it, a change in the rules for COVID.

Fully vaccinated people are NOT required to wear masks inside the nursery proper, in the plant yard, or gardens. Employees are only required to wear masks if they have not been vaccinated.

We will keep up the glass shields at checkouts and still offer the outside checkout, and we will continue to clean customer shared surfaces. The trends seem to be heading back to a much more normal feeling, and we are confident that following NYS guidelines will keep us in a position to continue as a fully open business. And as always, we strive to be a comfortable and accessible place for you to feel secure while shopping.

Curbside, delivery, and phone orders are available for any compromised by the current guidelines and need these options;  please feel free to call in for your gift certificate, mulch delivery, or plant order!

We are looking forward to the more traditional and steady summer hum of the nursery and gardens this summer and hope to see you soon!